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Bridge Pin Options.

Two types of bridge pins are common on steel string guitars: slotted and unslotted. With slotted brige pins, the slot provides room for the string in the bridge hole. As a result, the pressure from the bridge pin against the string holds the string in place. With unslotted bridge pins, a notch is cut in the front of the brige pin hole in which the string is positioned. The slot is only wide enough for the string, while the string end "ball" is pulled up tight against the bridge plate. In this case, the string does not protrude into the brige pin hole, so unslotted bridge pins are used. The pin in this case only prevents the string from slipping out of the slot during installation. In fact, these pins can be removed without the strings pulling loose.

Since the sound of a guitar is generated as the energy of the plucked/strummed string is transfered into the vibration of the top plate, the contact bet ween the string and the top plate is crucial in optimzing the sound of the guitar. In my opinion, a string pulled tight against the base of the bridge plate provides better contact than a string pulled up against a bridge pin. Therefore, I use unslotted bridge pins with slots in the bridge pin holes on all of my guitars. The use of slotted plastic bridge pins has become the norm on most factory guitars because it eliminates the time involved with slotting the bridge pin holes.

Many materials can be used for bridge pins. I prefer either wood or bone pins. Wooden bridge pins are available in differnt types of wood. Bone bridge pins are available in bleached white or unbleached for a more vintage look. Both type of bridge pins provide the option for an inlay dot of mother-of-pearl, abalone, or wood. Matching end pins are available as well.

Below are some standard bridge pin options I offer. They include Ebony, Bone, and Snakewood, each with inlay options. Many other options are available as well including buffalo horn, fossilized ivory, etc.

Ebony Bridge Pins
Bone Bridge Pins
Snakewood Brige Pins
Ebony Bridge Pins Photo
Bone Bridge Pins Photo
Snakewood Bridge Pins Photo
Ebony Pins (plain, abalone dot, pearl dot)

Upcharge: $ 0

Bone Pins (plain, abalone dot, ebony dot)

Upcharge: $ 20

Snakewood Pins (plain, pearl dot, abalone dot)

Upcharge: $ 0